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Our vision is to plant and build a life-giving church where people could connect with a living God, maximize their potential and fulfill Gods unique plan for every individual. We are passionate not only to preach Bible principals but to demonstrate how they work in every day of our lives. Join our Launch Team of people that longs to see the church of self feeders, who are making the difference with the spirit of contributors, not consumers.

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International church with a global impact

Miami is called “The Neon City”. It is known as one of the most vibrant cultural melting pots in the world, with an incredibly diverse mix of colors, languages, and nationalities. It’s a perfect city to fulfill the vision of planting an international church as a training outreach center; to spread the Gospel, locally and globally.

Planting a church in unchurched community

Miami is one of the most unchurched regions in the United States. The high cost of living, skyrocketing rental prices, and average low income of the population, are major factors affecting the birth of a new church. Still, the need is greater than the challenge, and where more faith is required, more miracles will be seen.

Reaching Russian-speaking nations

The already large Russian-speaking population of North Miami and the greater area of South Florida is exponentially growing, reaching up to 400,000, with little to no impact from churches in this group of people.

Bringing salvation to everyone

Miami is a city of great disparity: having both the poorest of neighborhoods, and in the same city, neighborhoods with million dollar mansions. As someone said, “It’s a city that you hate to live in, but you’re proud to be from.” But no matter whether you’re happy and successful, lonely and broken, rich, or poor – everyone needs this gift of salvation through the message and sacrifice of Jesus Christ!

Awakening spiritual Renaissance

In just the past decade, Miami has seen such an amazing cultural Renaissance in Media, Art, Music, and Fashion. Being passionate artists with decades of experience, we are excited to use creative ways to awake a spiritual Renaissance in this unique environment.

Movement of churches

Miami could be a starting point in the movement of churches reaching the largest Russian-speaking communities in America; becoming a strong hub to reach out to places like NYC, LA, and Chicago – where hundreds of thousands of Slavics reside.

senior & founding pastors


Born in the Soviet Union and raised as professional musicians, Zhenya and Vera were involved in a mission church plant – even before they encountered God for themselves. That church, now known as Hillsong Kiev, became their home for more than two decades. They were appointed to the position of Senior Pastors in 1997, less than five years after their radical conversion.
Their greatest passion in life is to plant churches, raise up Godly leaders, and reach the lost. Under their leadership, Hillsong Kiev grew to thousands and they launched another Hillsong Church in Moscow in 2007. They have recorded 27 worship albums, including youth and kids projects.
Zhenya and Vera are ready for the next chapter in their adventure! They are following God’s vision and their dreams, and launching DYNAMO CHURCH! In October 2015, they successfully started Dynamo in their home city of Kiev, and now having the appropriate documents, have moved to Miami with one thing in mind: to build a healthy, multinational, Bible-based church in this great city in South Florida.
Their children, Roman (28) and Diana (22), stand with them in support of this vision. Roman and his wife Arina have 4 little boys: Martin, Arwin, Raphael, and Romeo. Roman is an experienced worship leader, composer, and music producer; his songs are sung in many churches across Russian-speaking countries of the former USSR.


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I have known Ps Zhenya and Vera Kasevich and their family for well over twenty years. I have always admired them having ministered multiple times with them. They are courageous, unique, insightful and highly inspirational leaders. I want to encourage you that Dynamo Сhurch is a church God will use powerfully to bring breakthrough and blessing both in the USA and around the world.

Gerard & Sue Keehan
Pastors, Globalheart Church - Perth, Australia

We wholeheartedly believe that Zhenya & Vera Kasevich, together with their family, have been chosen to reach Miami for such a time as this. A Russian speaking church community will meet a great need and fill hungry hearts. Dynamo Church will be the answer that so many families have been waiting for.

Kevin & Beth Green
Pastors, The Living Room Church - Martinsburg, WV

When I was pioneering the church in Kiev in the early 90’s, I never saw it just as a local church congregation. My purpose was to build the foundation for an evangelistic outreach center to train leaders and ministers to reach (Slavic) Russian-speaking people all through the former Soviet Union, and across the world. It blesses me to see the ongoing fruitfulness and how far this ministry keeps impacting people all these years later. At this time, I am especially thrilled with the start of this new chapter in the life of Zhenya and Vera and the starting of Dynamo Church Miami! I pray that in this new venture, you and all those who join you, will enjoy divine blessings from God our Father that are made available to you in Christ!

Darko & Cathy Culjak
Founding pastor of Hillsong Church Kiev - Central Coast, Australia

I’m so excited about Dynamo Church beginning in Miami! As a Florida pastor for nearly 30 years, I can say we need what my dear friends Zhenya & Vera Kasevich carry in their hearts for hurting people – It’s time for your comeback at Dynamo Church!

Richard & Gail Perinchief
Pastors, Now Church - Ocala, FL

We are excited to see our friends Zhenya and Vera following the call to plant Dynamo Church in Miami. God has great plans to reach people with the gospel through this powerful couple who will draw on their 20+ years of ministry experience and the gifts He has placed in their lives to be pastors.

Dan & Jessica Roth
Pastors, The Rock Church and World Outreach Center - San Bernardino, CA